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Perfect Kind of Trouble (Finding Fate #2) by Chelsea Fine

Perfect Kind of Trouble
MrsLeif's Review:

Kayla Turner needs a break. She has no money, no job, no home. Her strained dad had passed away and she is in town for the funeral. After it, she doesn't know what she will be doing with her life or where to go to.

Daren Ackwood has been a rich playboy for most of his life. Now, he is just a guy who has lost everyone he cared for.  The man who behaved the closest to a father figure, James Turner, is dead. When he's told his name is on the will he can't believe it.

James Turner 's will will force Kayla and Daren to work together. Their preconceptions about each other will be proven wrong one by one. The more time they spend together the more they like each other. But what happens when their task is over?

Who could have thought handcuffs could help two people heal from their pasts?
I guess Chelsea Fine did.
I love Best Kind of Broken and was dying to get my hands on this one since I liked both of these characters already.
I knew Daren was a mess but the more he was in contact with Kayla the more I liked him. He was a truly nice guy.
Kayla was likable and sweet. I enjoyed this book but not as much as Best Find of Broken.
I do want Ellen, the owner of the Inn, to get her own HEA.

My Favorite Quotes:

"Oh, he’s trouble, all right. The kind of trouble I can’t afford to get into."

“I’m willing to rub tongues all day if that’s what it takes. Hell, I’ll tongue you all night if it’ll get me off your Stranger Shit List.”

“A girl who clearly has a lot of passion in her soul and loves with her whole heart. A girl who has a lot to give but gives it with discretion. A girl who knows herself better than most and trusts herself even more.”

"But it was the kind of trouble I needed to feel alive. It shook me up. It woke me up. It was the perfect kind of trouble."

 “I want to be stuck with you.”

She leans in and brings her mouth close to mine, softly saying, “I want to be stuck with you too.”

4/5 Fangs


MrsNorthman's Review

It was really hard for me to write this review because I wanted to love this book. I expected to love it actually. Instead my heart hurts having to admit that I really didn't like it.

Kayla has been living in Chicago with her mother since her parent's divorce. She's back in the small town her father lived in to attend his funeral. She's hurt and bitter that her father just stopped all contact with her for some unknown reason years ago. They used to be really close. She's broke, all alone, with no future in sight. Returning to Chicago isn't an option. Her mother died and left behind a substantial debt with a mobster, who expects Kayla to work it off.

Her only saving grace might be her father's will. But there's a surprise. Her dad has set up a scavenger hunt that involves her being handcuffed to Daren Ackwood. He's the town player that grew up amongst scandal and forged a father-son type of relationship with Kayla's dad. Daren thinks Kayla is a stuck up brat with a trust fund and she thinks he's a rich kid that jets around the world. The reality is that they're both broke and out of options. Together they set out to find what might be a substantial amount of money and along the way they end up learning some life lessons from Kayla's dad.

Best Kind of Broken was one of my favorite reads this year, so I kind of expected this one to be just as great. But it didn't have the same feeling as the first. It was missing that spark that made BKB so amazing. Instead it was full of drama, too many parents dying, a silly unbelievable plot and worst of all.......insta-love. I just can't understand why authors do this. There is no way that ANYONE can fall in love with someone in two days. Lust maybe, but not love. If a friend told you this happened to them in real life, you would think they were insane. With all that said, I plan to set aside my disappointment for this book and read the third in hopes that it's as fantastic as the first.

3/5 Fangs

*Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*


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