Sunday, June 22, 2014

Burned by Tara Sivec

Finnley Morgan is unhappily married but she's ready to stop being miserable.  Her husband Jordan has ruined all the dreams she had. He has been fighting with constant addictions, he can't keep a job and he has never supported Finn. After seventeen years, she is ready to finally go through a separation.

A month after her separation, she meets her first boyfriend Collin. Collin McDaniels is a firefighter. He broke up with Finn with a letter when they were in high school after dating for 2 years. She was hurt until she met Jordan who helped her move on. Seeing Collin again stirs emotions in her which she thought were long gone.

Collin can't believe it when he sees Finn. He kept tabs on her over the years and he can't be happier knowing she's free of the guy who took what was his. This is his second chance and he's determined not to fail.
The only problem is Jordan, he doesn't want Finn with anyone else.

My thoughts:

I took this book for what it was. It's an erotic novella, so I knew it was short. I knew the characters will get together without much delay. What I didn't know is how the story pulled me from the first chapter.  I devoured it.
Tara Sivec can write any type of romance novels. I'm a fan of her Chocolate Lovers series and I couldn't wait to read Burned. I hope we get a second book in this series.
If I had to find something wrong with this book it would be the length. I couldn't get enough of the characters and a longer novel would've made my day.

“You were my fire, Collin. I lost the desire to play with it when you left.”
4/5 Fangs

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