Saturday, July 13, 2013

Unleashed (Ross Siblings #1) by Cherrie Lynn

So what do you say when your best friend and crush invites you to Hawaii to spend his no longer honeymoon? If you are Kelsey Peterson, you say YES.

Kelsey has loved Evan for ten years. But Evan didn't seem to want her. She married someone else instead but she has recently divorced and a vacation is what she needs to forget about everything.

Evan's fiancee cheated with Kelsey's husband. But in a way he is glad she is out of his life. He is now free to pursue Kelsey.  Enough running already. Time to commit.

I felt bad for Kelsey's situation. She always felt rejected by Evan. Since she was his best friend, she saw him with a line of girlfriends.
I'm glad Evan was ready to move forward. It's about time!!
Now I have to go an read about Brian's HEA.
3/5 Fangs

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