Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sweet Thing by Renee Carlino

Sweet Thing
Mia Kelly is moving to NYC to deal with the coffee shop left to her by her late father. Her father was a musician. He loved music and shared it with her. Her parents didn't stay together because they wanted different things in life, despite loving each other.
On the plane Mia meets Will Ryan, an aspiring musician. At first she tries to avoid talking to him but when she notices he is terrified of flying she distracts him with conversation about guitars. 
As fate will have it when Mia decides to get a roommate Will applies. 
Mia is attracted to Will but she believes Will is like any other musician, without a real plan or purpose in life. She wants to remain friends only.  Will wants Mia in his life, they share the love for music and understand each other. He has to convince Mia that he is the right guy, the only guy for her and Mia needs to stop being scared. 
This book was a great ride. At times it was a sad, happy, frustrating, angry, perfect ride. Renee has a great talent. She made me fall in love with Will from the get go. The first time he speaks and calls her sweet thing, he had me.
Mia's self discovery is maddening at times (yes I wanted to ring her neck multiple times). It was so easy for the reader to understand how much in love Will was with Mia, but Mia kept of holding back. Denying that leap of faith. 
Love the references to Johnny Cash, June. Love Jackson. The secondary characters were all important. Happy to see they will call Mia on her craziness.
Lauren was a perfect addition to show how things change.
The dedication to Jackson brought tears to my eyes and I love that Heather was mentioned too.
After meeting Renee (who is gorgeous and sweet) at Book Bash, I just wish I would have read this book earlier. I would have gone fan girl on her about Will. 
I will always have the memory of taking a picture of Renee embracing Sylvia Day. 
“He’s in love with you.” She said it deadpan as she stared into my eyes, waiting for a response.
“How do you know?”
“I can tell and anyway, he told me. I believe his exact words were cosmic, soul-shattering, air in your lungs kind of love.”

4.5 Fangs

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