Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander #2) by Diana Gabaldon

Dragonfly in Amber
This book starts with Claire back in the present visiting Scotland after twenty years. She has brought her daughter Brianna with her. She has made the trip to find out what happened to the men she met in the past, to tell the truth to Brianna and to meet Roger Wakefield (this I did not see coming). Claire is prepared to tell the truth about her love for Jamie Fraser.
We learned what happened during her time in 18th century France/Scotland.

It took me three years to read the second book in the Outlander series. I had to overcome what happened to Jamie in book one. Some of my friends are Outlander fanatics (in a good way, not the crazy "I can go to the past and date the Jamie way") and kept on telling me to try again. Since Diana kept on posting pictures of the possible actor to play Jamie Fraser, I decided to give it a go.
I forgot how funny the books can be. Jamie can say the sweetest things. He can also be amusing.
Claire is a strong character and she never gives up.
Their chemistry on page is amazing. I even told my husband to call me Sassenach, he just laughed.
This series doesn't disappoint.

“Have ye got anything in here for a verra vicious headache, Sassenach?”
I peered over his shoulder, then reached in and touched one bottle.
“Horehound might help, though it’s not the best. And willow-bark tea with sow fennel works fairly well, but it takes some time to brew. Tell you what — why don’t I make you up a recipe for hobnailed liver? Wonderful hangover cure.”
He bent a suspicious blue eye on me.
“That sounds nasty.”
“It is,” I said cheerfully. “But you’ll feel lots better after you throw up.”
“Mphm.” He stood up and nudged the chamber pot toward me with one toe.

“Vomiting in the morning is your job, Sassenach,” he said. “Get it over with and get dressed. I’ll stand the headache.”
4/5 Fangs

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