Thursday, July 11, 2013

Twinsequences (Twisted Twin #1) by Jennifer Foor

Willow Green fell in love with Stoshua Wheeler in high school. She thought they were going to go to Prom together. Instead Stoshua takes her twin instead and then marries her.
Willow is devastated and leaves for college. She needs to keep her distance between her twin sister, Ivy and the man she loves.
But when Ivy asks for help she can't say no and ends up taking her place while Ivy disappears. Now, she just has to hide her feelings from Stoshua. But for how long??

Love the cover. From the first time I saw it. I also liked the idea of twins. Good vs Evil or Nice vs not so nice. Maybe that's why I love watching the lying game or why I read every book about Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield (Sweet Valley high) in high school.

I didn't expect the sister to be so loathsome.  Especially, since I was a Jessica fan. But I'm no fan of Ivy's.
I like that "the good twin" had a backbone.  I like that Stoshua was not a perfect guy. He made mistakes too.
I know this can't be the end. Will read the next one.
3/5 Fangs

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