Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tasting Never (Never Say Never #1) by C.M. Stunich

Tasting Never
Never Ross is not the usual girl. Never uses sex as a way to forget about her past but at the end of the day she cries herself to sleep.
During a frat party she meets Ty McCabe. Bad boy with tattoos and piercings. He approaches her but their first meeting doesn't end up in happiness. Later on after surviving a robbery they both decided to stay close together. A friendship begins but the attraction is also there.
Ty has a past, some of it gets revealed. But the puzzle is not complete yet. Can't wait to know more about him.

At the end of the book, Never is going back home after a 5 year absence. She wants to deal with her mother's betrayal and her sisters lack of support. Also, her first love Noah is there.

This is not a typical romance. It's a bit darkish. And even though, both characters have flaws, they are both redeemable.  Will read the rest of the series.

3/5 Fangs

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