Monday, June 10, 2013

Trophy Husband by Lauren Blakely

Trophy Husband
McKenna Bell is still nursing a heartbreak. Her fiancee decided to married someone else a day before her wedding.
She does have some positives in her life. She is a successful fashion blogger and she still has a cute dog. She also has the support of her family and friends.
But, when she sees her ex with his new wife, she is devastated.
She decides that what she needs is a trophy husband. Someone younger than her. She announces her decision on her blog.
Fate has a different idea. Chris Mccormick wasn't part of her plan. He is older than her but he has everything that she wants from a man. He is tall and handsome. He makes McKenna happy, knows how to play games and is a successful business man.
Deciding what to do is the issue.

This was a sweet story. Chris was great. There is no major angst.
3/5 Fangs

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