Sunday, June 30, 2013

Book Bash 2013 -Orlando

My Ipad is happy :)
Book Bash was this weekend. I had the chance to score a ticket (thanks Kevin!). I'm going to try to explain my experience.
 I was able to drive to Orlando on Friday. By the time I got to the hotel there was a line already. I met some ladies in line and we had fun sharing our opinions on the authors coming to the event and their books. We also saw a constant appearance of authors passing by. Some of them were gracious enough to stop and take pictures with the fan girls (Tarryn Fisher, Claire Contreras). I say girls because we were the majority.
After our tickets were scanned in we went into the convention room and started going around the tables looking for the authors's names. This was a way to get a clear picture of where to go first the next day.  To our surprise, authors starting popping in. I was able to meet a few of them and take pictures with them. To name a few: Kristen Ashley(squee!!), Monica Murphy (she was super friendly), Colleen Hoover (Slammed!), R.K. Lilly (so beautiful and tall), C. J. Roberts (super funny, witty and owner of Caleb), Abbi Glines (Woods!!!), Jamie McGuire (Beautiful Disaster), Joanna Wylde (coming out with her new book soon, yay!).
They were all very accommodating to their readers.

 One of my new friends (Haley) text us to let us know a line was forming. We all got together before 8am. Our little group got bigger and we started sharing our favorite characters. Needless to say I'm not reading enough. There were some authors books that I was not aware of.  I had to start a list with all the new books I have to buy (I am sure I'm not the only one). We also got a chance to buy books, Books-A-Million had a sale there.  I brought books with me but I purchase a bunch there too since writers sold books at their station too.
Finally at noon the doors opened and we were walking (fast) to our favorite authors. Some of the lines were big and it may have taken up to an hour to get to your favorite author but it was worth it. We received so much swag it was unreal (Katy Evans gave us a boxing glove, Georgia Cates gave me some posters, S.C. Stephens gave us Kellan Kyle's rose petals). Some authors had some free chapters and books for the readers as well. The lines were friendly and you could feel the positive energy of the group.
I have to mention the authors assistants too- specially C.J. Roberts and Renee Carlino's (super nice!). They kept the lines moving and they took pictures for us. Also the volunteer passing the post its were very helpful.
I was able to get all my books signed and my Ipad too.
I felt like I was a kid during Christmas.
After the signing, I had tickets for both Wicked Girls Book Weekend and Angstfest. I went to GNO first. Some of the authors stopped by our table and took pictures with us. Kristen Ashley stay with us for a while (squeee again!) and also Alice Clayton. After a few hours, we headed back to Angsfest. The party was in full mode (J. Sterling, C.J. Roberts were dancing). Authors were having a good time. I was so happy to see Sylvia Day since I couldn't get to her during the signing (her line was so long all the time).
We took tons of pics including some with Renee Carlino, C. J. Roberts, Colleen Hoover, Kristen Ashley, J. Sterling, Sylvia Day, Paul Marron (model for book covers; examples: Vlad and Lover Avenged).
The night was a success. I didn't want it to end.

 Back to real life.
I had one of the best weekends of my life. I also made great friendships with great ladies. Won't forget it.
A big thanks to Maryse's blog. Without her, this wouldn't be possible. Can't wait for the next Book Bash.

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