Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fire Inside (Chaos #2) by Kristen Ashley

Fire Inside
Lanie Heron has been alone for a while. She is a character that we met in Motorcycle Man (my favorite book from 2012- TACK I miss you!). She made mistakes with her last relationship but she is ready to move on- at least in the bedroom.
She decides she likes Hop Kincaid. He is part of the Chaos Motorcycle Club. She has been watching him for a while. During one of the Chaos parties, she proposes him. At first Hop declines but when Lanie doesn't give up, he follows her to his bedroom.
Lanie wants uncomplicated. She wants one night only. Hop on the other hand wants more after the first time. This is where the story begins. Hop is trying to keep Lanie.  She is trying to run away.
This book is more romance than violence.

I love the way Kristen Ashley writes her books. I love her characters. Love the cameos by characters from her other series.
I was so happy to see Tack and Tyra (Red/Ty-Ty/Cherry) together. They are happy and still in love.
I am hoping she keeps the Chaos series for a while.

5/5 Fangs.

“What just happened?” I repeated.

Hop straightened to full height and turned to me, whereupon he explained more fully, “Lookin’ for you so I could bring you dinner, saw your car in the underground garage. Came up. Saw the security console through your door, you at your desk. Console stated security was engaged. Called Crowe. Did some snooping. Found out you liked kung pao shrimp. Ordered it. Got it. Met Crowe here. I picked the lock. Crowe bypassed your system. Now we’re eatin’ while you finish up and shut down then we’re goin’ to my place to watch some TV and spend the night.”

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