Saturday, June 8, 2013

One Grave at a Time by Jeaniene Frost
Night Huntress #6

One Grave At A Time

Cat and Bones are together. Sigh. Happy.

Oh, wait... A new adventure for the couple.

When a ghost asks Cat for help, she can't deny her.

A very nasty ghost, Kramer becomes corporeal once a year on All Hallows Eve to hurt three women. Centuries ago he used to be a witch hunter and loved to burn them alive.

Cat and Bones have to figure out who are the victims before it's too late and how to save them.

They get the help of old friends including Ian, Denise, and Spade. Also three ghosts (including Fabian and Elisabeth) and a medium, Tyler.

Tyler made me laugh. His thoughts were hilarious.

I'm going to come out and say that my favorite character in this book was Ian. And I have never liked him. I have always been a Vlade's girl (after Bones) but Ian deserves his own book.

And I think I want his HEA to be ....drum roll.....Cat's mom. I love their hate for each other.

The best part of this series is that the two main characters are together. Fight together. Stay together. Strong.

No need to keep them away for ages.

3/5 Fangs.

Favorite scene:
Tyler sidled up next to me, eyeing Spade with open appreciation.
“Who’s Mr. Tall, Dark, and Delicious?”
“Her husband,” I replied, my lips twitching. “Tyler, this is Denise, and that’s Spade.”
Tyler let out a dramatic sigh as he shook Denise’s hand. “All the good ones are either straight or married, but I won’t hold it against you that he’s both.”
Denise laughed. “Great to meet you. Cat’s told me all about you.”
“And some of it’s probably true,” he teased.
Then his attention became fixed on someone behind Denise, his mouth dropping before his expression turned into an open, lascivious stare. Thoughts started to race through his mind that were so explicit, I wished I could take a bat to my head to block out my telekinetic abilities.
“Tyler, meet Ian,” I said without bothering to turn around.
“Daddy like,” Tyler breathed.
He straightened his shoulders, fixing his most winning smile on his face as he all but pushed me out of the way. The jostling turned me enough to get a view of the other vampire. Ian leaned against the doorframe, his auburn hair rustling in the breeze and turquoise eyes watching everything with his usual devilishness.
“I thought Bones looked like a little slice of heaven, but you’re the whole cake, aren’t you, sugar?” Tyler said, holding out his hand.
Ian took the praise as his due, flashing Tyler a smile that had the medium almost tripping in his approach. When he shook Tyler’s hand, Tyler let out a sigh that would’ve done a wistful teenager proud.
That face, that body . . . and you know he’s packing, look at the angle of that dangle! I heard before screaming la-la-la over and over in my mind.
“The killer ghost is still on the loose,” I announced to try to distract myself from Tyler’s enraptured musings over Ian.
“The trap didn’t work?” Spade asked, narrowing his eyes.
“Killer ghost?” Ian perked up, gently batting Tyler aside with a “Yes, yes, I’m truly stunning, but this interests me,” remark.

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