Thursday, June 13, 2013

Beauty from Surrender by Georgia Cates

Beauty From Surrender

Beauty from Surrender
Beauty #2
Georgia Cates 

Laurelyn left Jack Henry when their deal was coming to an end. She never expected to see him again. She is devastated. She fell in love regardless of trying to keep her heart protected.. But she has to think about her career. She flies back to Nashville and after having a fight with her producer, she calls it quits.

Jack Henry realizes that Laurelyn is what he wants. But it may take a while to find her. He won't let anything come between them anymore. He is ready to settle down.

But when they get reunited, she may need to pick between her career or her love for Jack Henry.

I loved Beauty from pain. It was one of my favorite books last year. I thought Laurelyn and Jack Henry were written in a perfect way. The second installment was not as good as book 1. I didn't feel that Jack Henry was the same character. I was crushed. Don't get me wrong the book is good but it wasn't awesome as the first one. It was nice to see the characters come back. Maybe it's me and having high expectations? I wanted to love this one as much as I enjoyed the first one.

I am happy that they found their HEA. I wish them the best.

3/5 Fangs

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