Sunday, June 30, 2013

My experience of Celebrating Summer in Sarasota with Karen Marie Moning.

The Lamborghini
 A week ago I had the chance to meet Karen Marie Moning. The place was a restaurant in Sarasota, Sam Sneads. The event was organized by Leiha and the Maniacs volunteers. It started on time. Karen showed up in her sweet ride (her black Lamborghini).
Karen was gracious to answer a round of Q & A. She was funny and answered most of the questions without revealing spoilers (darn it!).
Iced was a big part of the event.
The Mac Halo also made an appearance. We got to wear it and take pictures.
Karen gave us all a very nice bag with tons of swag.

Here is a link to her facebook recap:
After the Q & A, she proceded to sign books, Ipads, Kindles and anything that people brought to her. I was lucky to be in the front of the restaurant and see her interact with readers. She was more than gracious, she took her time with each reader. She took pictures with them. She was smiling the whole time.
I'm happy to report that she is not only a great writer but also a great author.
By the way- I got my Ipad cover signed.

my Shadowfever copy

My Ipad has a new memory

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