Saturday, March 23, 2019

Brant’s Return by Mia Sheridan

Title: Brant’s Return
Author: Mia Sheridan

A stunning, heartfelt new stand-alone by New York Times best-selling author Mia Sheridan - available in audio first!

Brant Talbot runs a glitzy network of high-end bars in New York City, enjoying all the benefits of the lavish lifestyle he's worked so hard to achieve. When he learns that his estranged father is dying, he must return to his family’s Kentucky horse farm - and to a past he thought he left behind. 

While facing long-buried truths, he collides with his father’s secretary, Isabelle Farris. Despite his undeniable attraction to the beautiful, independent young woman, he sees secrets in her eyes and believes she has designs on Graystone Hill. 

Now the one woman he can’t afford to trust is about to become the one he can’t let go.

Ahhhh. Such a romantic book!

I love Mia Sheridan’s Archer's Voice so much and since then, I have been a fan of her books.

Mia's stories have faith, love and are full of hope.

Brant's Return is not any different.

Isabelle was the victim of a horrendous crime. A home invasion left her without her husband Ethan and her four-year-old daughter Elise. Three years later, she’s working at Graystone Hill. She’s part secretary for Harrison Talbot, part horse trainer/whisperer. She also helps with the equine therapy which she used herself six months after she lost her family. Sadly, Harrison has been diagnosed with cancer and given six months to live. Isabelle recently found out Harrison has a son, Grant Talbot who’s a successful business owner in New York. Knowing Harrison is dying, she believes Grant and Harrison are running out of time. She decides to call Grant to make peace with Harrison before he passes. 

Brant Talbot has not spoken to his father for over a decade. When his mother died, he severed ties to his father and to Graystone Hill. He’s the owner of many new bars in NYC. He’s in the process of buying one more when he gets the call from Isabelle. Curious about her and also the declining health of his father, he embarks on a trip back home. He has a shocking revelation when he arrives home. Belle is not like any other woman he has met before. She’s intriguing and she put him in his place. He also can tell she has lost much but loves being around the horses and she truly cares about his dad. Conflicting emotions develop for him. He has been used to having control and keeping his emotions buried while Belle has a very different way of dealing with hers. 

Belle and Brant were so good together. There was chemistry and attraction. They helped each other heal from past events. Belle showed Brant how to open up his heart again. 

The whole legend about Captain Skye and Glasblair was a truly gifted element to their romance. I loved every part of it. 

I liked the secondary characters and two of them, Aaron and Hank deserve their own books. 

Cliffhanger: No

4/5 Fangs

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