Monday, December 31, 2012

Stop the Wedding! by Stephanie Bond

Stop the wedding! is a light fun read.
It is the story of Annabelle Coakley who is a lawyer. She is all business no time for fun or love. Her world changes when her mother tells her she is getting married again. Annabelle flies immediately to Georgia to stop the wedding.
Clay Castleberry is a business man, he can't believe his dad is getting married again (7th time). He also flies there to stop his father from making another mistake. He has dealt with his prior flings by paying them off.
When Clay meets Annabelle, he mistakes her for the bride to be and offers her money. Annabelle declines but she doesn't tell him who she is until both of their parents show up.
Many misunderstandings prevailed, causing multiple funny, embarrassing moments.
Of course Annabelle and Clay fall for each other. They just have to be able to verbalize it.
3/5 Fangs

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