Monday, December 31, 2012

Pleasure Unbound (Demonica #1) by Larissa Ione

Tayla Mancuso is a demon hunter. Since her mother died when she was sixteen she has known about evil. She has been part of the Aegis, who sole purpose is too eliminate all demons since they are all evil. When she gets hurt, she ends up in a hospital, UGH. It is a hospital for demons and run by demons. She is shocked to learn that Eidolon, the doctor who saves her is a demon, graduated from Harvard and that he runs the hospital with his two brothers. She also learns that not all demons are evil. Some of this information may have been let out of the info given to her by The Aegis.
Can enemies become lovers?
Many twists happen and all are welcome. Tayla also meets her long lost sister who is part demon.
The world building is fascinating and the secondary characters are great. Can't wait for their stories.
This was a great beginning to the series.
4/5 Fangs

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