Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Private by Kate Brian

Private #1
Kate Brian

Reed Brennan has won a scholarship outside of her PA home. She is to start at Easton Academy. A private school with rich and beautiful people.

She is escaping her home and a pill-popping cruel mother.

Reed has been a loner but soon realizes that she doesn't fit in and after witnessing through her dorm's window four girls having fun, she decides she wants that for herself too.

The next day she learns these girls are an elite group. All great students, popular, smart and beautiful too. They are the Billings Girls. They live in the Billings building and you can only join if you get invited.

She also meets a boy, Thomas Pearson who is very interested in her and later becomes a boyfriend.

The Billings Girls asked her to do things for them, some of the tasks could get her expelled.

I was disappointed with this book. I couldn't understand why she would keep on pushing nice people away and try to join the Mean group. She was just a follower and Thomas did not appeal to me either.

When I finished Private, my first thought was "What a weird book".

I may read the rest of the series to see if it improves.

2/5 Fangs

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