Sunday, August 7, 2011

From Dirt to Diamonds by Julia James

Thea Dauntry is enjoying a nice dinner with the Viscount Giles St John Brooke. She knows he probably will propose tonight. Just when he is about to, her worst nightmare appears in front of them telling her "Call me". She can't believe that after five years this cruel man is back in her life.

Angelos Petrakos can't believe his luck. Kat Jones is back in London, using a different name and a different attitude but he recognizes her and wants revenge. She lied to him and stole a very special watch from him years ago.

He finds her home and threatens to tell the viscount the truth unless she breaks up with him. She is to meet him at night and convince the world that she is in love with Angelos instead.

As expected, this romantic novel is full of misunderstandings which caused a rift between people who love each other. The only problem is that in this case, it is not believable.

1/5 Fangs

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