Sunday, April 21, 2013

One Week Girlfriend (Drew + Fable #1) by Monica Murphy

One Week Girlfriend
Fable Maguirre has a tough life. She is working two jobs to pay for her rent and food for her and her thirteen year old brother. Her mother couldn't care less about them.
When famous quarterback Drew Callahan wants to hire her to play his girlfriend for a weekend during Thanksgiving break and offers 3000 dollars she can't turn him down.
During the car ride to his parents she tries to get more information from Drew but she discovers he is hiding something (and what a mess it is).
There is an evil stepmother in this cinderella story. She is very hateful.

I like how Fable and Drew helped each other. Their love is intense. And the word MARSHMELLOW will never be the same to me. (as airport blue -now)
3/5 Fangs (cliffhanger to blame)

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