Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blood Trade (Jane Yellowrock #6) by Faith Hunter

Blood Trade
Jane is suffering from depression. She can't stand the betrayal from Leo and Bruiser. Beast is bound to Leo. But Jane doesn't want Leo to know.
So when the opportunity to leave town arises to help the Master of Natchez, Mississippi, she packs her bags taking with her Eli and Alex (kid) Younger.
When she gets there she realizes that the rogue vampires have changed and maybe witchcraft is involved. Rick and Bruiser both make an appearance. Bruiser has changed into something else. (Spoiler Fangalert "Onorio")
Rick also drops a bomb at Jane's feet. (Spoiler Fangalert: His cat thinks he is mated to Beast)
A friend from her past, Bobby and Misha with her daughter appear in the city too. Jane is running out of time. She needs to learn how to kill the new vampires and save her friends.
Evan is called to help and he seems to resolve some of his issues with Jane. Also, the sheriff, Sylvia Turpin seems to accept Jane better and she seems to develop a crush on Eli.
The action is good. But this triangle is tiring.
I want Jane with Bruiser for a while, even if she ends up with Rick as her HEA.
3/5 Fangs

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