Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Making You Mine (The Moreno Brothers #5) by Elizabeth Reyes

Making You Mine
I'm late to the Moreno brothers' stories. But this one was pretty good.
Salvador Reyes is the last single brother. He likes his life. Personality type A. He is in charged of all the restaurants his family owns and he is thinking of expanding. He had the duty to help hire staff specially chefs. When Grace Zendejas comes to interview, he is happy to dismiss her, something makes her dangerous and lying on her application is the perfect excuse. Luckily for him, when Grace comes back, his brother Alex hires her as a bartender. Everyone immediately loves her. Salvador can help but start falling for her. However, things go south after a trip to Vegas and Salvador is in danger of loosing the woman he cares for.
The whole Salvador family is a pleasure to read. Great epilogue. I will have to check the other siblings books soon.
3/5 Fangs

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