Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Crash (Crash #1) by Nicole Williams

Lucy Larson is new in town, her family has moved recently after tragic events. She meets Jude Ryder and her life will never be the same. The guy is intense, has ran with the wrong crowd for a while.
They end up attending the same school. This is their senior's year. Rumors are going around her first day of her senior school year about her relationship with Jude.
Lucy is intrigued by Jude and when he acts as her boyfriend she can't resist him. But, their happiness is short lived. Jude makes a mistake and he may loose Lucy, sending her into another guy's arms.
This book is full of tragedy and heartache. You can't help feel sorry for Jude. The first couple of chapters were shocking and the last few chapters as well. I really like Jude's character.
3/5 Fangs

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