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Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris
Sookie Stackhouse #13

Dead Ever After



I'm very sad about the outcome of this series. Too many years invested in the relationship between Sookie and Eric. It seems Mrs Harris has shown that she can benefit from the reader's money but not from the reader's opinions.

Let me explain myself first. I joined CH's board years ago after I watched a New Year's marathon of Trueblood's first season. when I found the series was based on the books, I went to amazon and bought the box set. Over the next week, I read all of them. In the beginning, because of Trueblood, I was a Bill fan. after reading book 2, that changed and by book 4 (my personal favorite) I was an EL. Eric is featured in every book, he has more page than any other suitor. So you can understand the shock when The HEA is revealed as Sam. Not Bill, not Alcide, not Quinn. Sam, her friend, her boss. 

Sookie wanted something different at the beginning of the series. She wanted to meet someone she can't read telepathically. That's why she fell for Bill in the first place but in the end, she ends up with a guy who she can read easily. 

Eric has done many wonderful things through the years for Sookie. But, it the last book he is written as a selfish vampire.

But, not only does Sookie loses the man she loves, and settles for not even a second choice, she loses her friend. Pam is gone for the most part, since Sookie is banned from Fangtasia.

Worse, is that Eric, who is a rape victim, now is forced to marry a woman he doesn't love and has to be enslaved for 200 years.

My understanding is that some writers were defending CH about the fans been upset at her. I will recommend for them to first read her books (from the library, don't pay for them), then listen to the fans. Over the years, her board was the most hostile place I have ever been too. Her mods were extremely rude to EL's and newbies. Most of us left because there is no reason to tolerate the abuse. We have lives, lol.

Let me give you examples, if you are familiar with these writers, this is more or less what CH had done to us:

It will be like Kim Harrison- killing Trent on her last book and Itchy witch ending married to Jenks.

It will be like Jeaninne Frost's Bones leaving Cat and moving away. And Cat starting over with Tate.

It will be like Ilona's Kate Daniels going into hiding with Witness Protection and Curran falling for a vampire.

It will be like JWR's Zhadist getting captured again and Bella settling with Rhev.

It will be like Richelle Mead's Rose, not choosing Dimitri, not even Adrian, but running away with another teacher.

It will be like Stephanie Meyer's Bella, not ending with Edward or Jacob, but one of the pack like Sam.

It will be like Karen Marie Moning's Mac going back to USA, and Barron's dying.

It will be like Patricia Briggs' Mercy marrying Stephan, while Adam marries someone within the pack.

Please feel free to insert your favorite couple next.

At the end, Sookie is worst than when the series started, because she now knows what she is going to be missing. She will have a dull existence. And are we to believe that after one year of Sookie's protection, Sam will be able to protect her from the vamps? The same vamps that CH says we CAN'T trust?

Last, this author should be ashamed of calling her fans: malicious, disgruntled, entitled, immature, virulent and trolls. This is childish behavior, leaning towards a narcissist personality disorder and she is unable to take any criticism. I abjured you from my reading list.

The only good thing that came out of CH's boards, were the friends I made in Meebo, full of intelligent, sweet, charming, happy women who shared the love of the vampire Eric. (EL's and my sinners, yay!)

This book is DEAD to ME.

1/5 stars

"I'd never looked on Sam as a beddable man before- or at least not beddable by me- for a lot of reasons." -> Sookie, Dead Until Dark

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