Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pink Satin by Jennifer Greene

Greer Lothrop is a young psychologist who works for a lingerie company as an analyst. She has all the right curves, unfortunately that has made her life difficult.
Early in life she decided to start playing motherly towards men to distract them from her looks. This has worked for many years.

Recently, she started having prank calls and she could only hear the other person breath on the line. The phone calls are getting to her. Tying to run away from her apartment, she finds herself at the stairs. This is how she meets her new neighbor Ryan McCullough. They strike a conversation. Greer tells him about the Breather. He goes back into the apartment with her and leaves when he is sure she is doing better.

Ryan is very competent and decides that his new neighbor needs protection. They seek each others company after that day. Greer doesn't know what to do with Ryan. He doesn't fall for her mother hen act.

This is a cute little book. I just thought that a psychologist wouldn't have so many insecurities about her own body.
2.5/5 Fangs

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