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Summer on Honeysuckle Ridge by Debbie Mason

Title: Summer on Honeysuckle Ridge
Series: Highland Falls #1
Author: Debbie Mason
Publisher:  Forever 
Release Date:  May 26, 2020

Sparks fly between an L.A. career woman and a former Army Ranger in this delightful enemies-to-lovers romance from the USA Today bestselling queen of small-town love stories.
Welcome to Highland Falls, a small town where love is always in the air.

In just a few months Abby Everhart has gone from being a top LA media influencer to an unemployed divorcée living out of her car. So inheriting her great-aunt's homestead comes at the perfect time. Abby heads to Highland Falls, North Carolina, to spruce up Honeysuckle Farm before putting it on the market for some much-needed cash. But instead of finding a charming getaway, she discovers a serious fixer-upper, complete with a leaky roof, overgrown yard, and a reclusive -- albeit sexy -- man living on the property.

Ex-Delta Force soldier Hunter MacKenzie has faced war and loss, but nothing has quite prepared him for an outgoing redhead who's determined to turn his life upside down. Hunter doesn't want to get involved with anyone, especially a city girl who plans to sell the only place he's ever felt at home. But the sparks between them are undeniable. Spending time with Abby is easy. Convincing her to stay for good is another matter entirely.

I loved this one. It was sweet and heartwarming!

Down on her luck, Abby Everhart is moving to a small town in North Carolina to start over. In her great aunt's will, Abby has inherited the Honeysuckle Farm. Beggars can't be choosers and after living in her car in L.A. for the last six months, she's ready for a change. In tow with her dog, Bella and her luggage, she takes an uber ride to her aunt's property. When she arrives, she realizes this is more than she bargained for. Still, her idea is to find help remodeling the house and then to sell it. Afterward, she will return to L.A. with her head held high and show her ex-husband, Chandler and his new girlfriend, Juliette, that their actions didn't break her. There is only one problem, part of her aunt's property is not hers. 

Hunter MacKenzie enjoys the peace the farm gives him. His only company is his dog, Wolf. Hunter is a former soldier and when he came back two years ago after losing his best friend, he couldn't be the same person he was before he enlisted. The town believes him to be a recluse and his family is worried about the distance he has placed between them. Liz, Abby's great aunt, had been his only friend in the last couple of years. Before passing, she had always said she was leaving the property to him. He was shocked to learn that it was not so, Abby has inherited the house and part of the land. 

When Hunter and Abby meet with the help of Bella and Wolf, his solitude is threatened. His priorities start shifting. Parts of his old self starts making an appearance. He grudgingly has to admit that having Abby around is not awful and he actually enjoys spending time with her. The question is, Is she going to stay?

A really adorable love story. I love Abby. She was a quirky heroine who had had it rough most of her life. She was a trooper and tried her best. Learning about her past, made me like her even more. Hunter was the perfect opposite of Abby, yet little by little, he opened up and started living again. Of course, I can forget Bella and Wolf. Their interactions made me laugh at loud.

Highland Falls is my favorite new place. I can't wait for the next romance in this series. Please hurry up, Mrs. Mason.

A complimentary copy was provided by Forever via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Cliffhanger: No

4/5 Fangs

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