Saturday, February 15, 2020

The Invisible Ring by Anne Bishop

Title: The Invisible Ring
Series: The Black Jewels #4
Author: Anne Bishop
Publisher: Roc

A prequel set in the "dark and sensual world" (11th Hour) of the national bestselling Black Jewels Trilogy.

Jared is a Red-Jeweled Warlord bound as a pleasure slave by the Ring of Obedience. After suffering nine years of torment as a slave, he murdered his owner and escaped -- only to be caught and sold into slavery once again. The notorious queen who has purchased him, known as the Gray Lady, may not be what she seems. Soon, Jared faces a difficult choice: his freedom, or his honor.

The Invisible Ring is a Prequel to the Black Jewels series. The story takes place way before Witch is born.

A pleasure slave, Jared, is ready to be sent to die in the salt mines after killing his queen who had abused him. He's ready for his destiny when he’s purchased by the Gray Lady. 

Jared has heard of the Grey Lady and what he knows is that people fear her. When a slave is bought, by her, they are never seen or heard from again.

Before the journey to her home in the mountains begins, she removes the Ring of Obedience and replaces it with the Invisible ring. 

Besides purchasing Jared, The Gray Lady buys more slaves: Blaed, Thera, Garth, and Brock to mention some.

As the journey begins, it seems someone wants to capture and destroy the Gray Lady. At first, Jared is just trying to stay alive but when he starts noticing that Lia, the Gray Lady, is not what she seems, he starts having mixed feelings. He becomes protective of her. At some point, Jared must decide between staying with her or running for his freedom before all of them die. 

A good addition to the series. This story happens before Janelle is born. I like all the characters: Lia, Blaed, Thera, and Jared.  It was a good mixture of personalities and Craft.

Cliffhanger: No

4/5 Fangs

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