Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Viper's Run (The Last Riders #2) by Jamie Begley

Viper's Run
Winter Simmons is a school principal.  She dated Loker James for two years but during that time she had no idea he was Viper, the president of The Last Riders MC.  She is completely shocked by this news. She is mad he lied to her. (She even thought he was gay!) but when she is brutally attacked Viper is there for her.  He takes her to the Club's home.  He hires a physical therapist for her.
The Club caring for Winter made it more human.  All those guys taking her up on the stairs all the time to avoid her getting injured again was sweet.

"There are seventy-five steps, everyone has counted them. Twice. There is no need to put that kind of pressure on your back."-Shade

Talking about Shade, I can't wait for his story. We have watched his love for Lily unfolding.  It's going to be a winner.
Winter's healing is slow but the girls of the Club all help.
Same as Beth from Razor's Ride, Winter has a hard time accepting Viper's lifestyle.
Viper is an alpha through and through. He is an ex-military guy.   I actually like him more than I did Razer.

"The Last Riders were a part of his life, one that he had no intention of leaving. He wanted to share it with the woman he loved. Winter was that woman. If she would just let her guard down long enough to see that he was willing to give her anything she wanted, she would stop letting her fears control her."

This MC family has become a must in my TBR.
Book 3 where are you? I believe it's Knox's story. Is Diamond the girl??
4/5 Fangs

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