Monday, September 30, 2013

Touch Me (Touch #1) by T.H. Snyder

Touch Me


Char is a focused and driven career woman who's had a relationship she would rather choose to forget, but can't.  Riley is a pure gentleman who can easily leave the past where it belongs, behind him. Some people believe in fate where others deem it a coincidence. Char and Riley are meant to be together, so life just happens to make sure they are in the right place at the right time. But is that enough?   You’ll be falling in love with this dynamic duo as they find out who they are and why fate keeps making sure their lives are intertwined.  Their differences are what make them all too similar, and throughout the course of their journey there is one thing that always brings them back together...the need for each other's touch.


 SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 2, 2012 At this very moment I’m sitting on the back of a Harley, which could very well be stolen, setting off into the sunset with an amazing guy. His strong muscular form is driving and the vibrations of the motor send shivers through our bodies. I recall the past few years I’d spent with my ex-boyfriend, Marc. I close my eyes and rest my chin on this man’s back. It’s easy to remember the heartache and the pain of loneliness. I can still sense the tears I shed for Marc. My ex never cared for me the way I loved him. I was in love with Marc for years; he played my family and me for fools. Marc stole my heart and stomped on it the day I found him in bed with my best friend Natalie. That day I lost Marc and I lost a huge part of me as well. I told myself I wouldn’t give my heart to another man again. The wind ripping through us feels cool against my body and it’s tangling through my thick, wavy, brown hair. I scan my eyes looking down along his powerfully built chest and see my arms wrapped around his waist for fear that I may fall. The mere thought of falling in love scared me for too long. My eyes move over his broad left shoulder and I catch a glimpse of my reflection in the side mirror. The twinkle in my big-brown eyes and the smile across my face bring out an emotion as if I’m a little girl just waking up Christmas morning. I have a sense of freedom that I haven't experienced in a long time. I never imagined emotions this strong would consume me again. The past few weeks are nothing I ever imagined. This man in front of me is the one who allows me to be me. He loves me for the person I am, not the woman he wants me to be.

My Review:

Char is still healing after her break up with her ex-boyfriend Marc.  He cheated on her with her best friend.  Luckily, she has a great family, a good job and her sister's boyfriend Derrick.  Derrick has become her best friend too.
Derrick is in need of a roommate.  He places an add on Craigslist.  Riley has just moved to Boston and answers Derrick's add.  He is looking for a new job and something to distract him from his family problems.
Riley is tall, has tattoos, has brown hair, wear glasses and has a dog. What's not to love?

The first time Char and Riley meet is not the best but things change when they have time to talk and get to know each other.  They are both attracted to each other.  Soon things are spiraling out of control but Char is still hurting and she doesn't want to give herself again but she knows she wants Riley in her life.  Chloe helps Char move forward.
This story was sweet.  There is no major disaster preventing this couple to have an HEA.  If anything the book felt too short for me. I wanted more of their lives.  I especially liked Derrick and Chloe and I can't wait for their story!

3.5/5 Fangs

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