Monday, September 16, 2013

Just Human (Just Human #1) by Kerry Heavens

Just Human
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.
Liv is disillusioned after wasting four years of her life with a cheater.  She has decided to take it easy on the love department.  Fate has other plans for her.
Liv grew up with Danny.  They were in love but in the end when his family had to move back to the States, Liv decides to let Danny go.  They were only teenagers after all.
Twelve years later she is single again and Danny is back in her life thanks to Facebook.  Danny knows he wants Liv in his life and will do anything for her but living on two different continents could be deal breaker.

This book was amazing.
What a wonderful journey? I love both characters but Danny is my favorite.  He is so open, so loving and a romantic.
I love second chance love stories and this one is beautifully written.

“You left, but it wasn't your fault. So you've stayed perfect in my memory. I guess my fear is, if I let myself love you, you might turn out to be just human. And if you're just human, you could easily hurt me too. I couldn't survive being hurt by you Danny.” 

There is so much love between the main characters.
At some point they take a a vacation together, I felt like I was right there with them.  His dad list is saved for a future trip.

1. Climb the tower 2. Eat moules frites on the market square 3. Drink the beer. Kwak & Kriek Boon 4. Carriage ride 5. Canal boat 6. Waffles 7. Fries & mayonnaise from the frietkotjes (vans in the square) 8. The old chocolate house or Bittersweet – for hot chocolate

I should mention that the secondary characters were great too.  Liv has Max and Danny has Jen.

Now, I do have to prepare you, there is a cliffhanger and it is MAJOR.  It is still gets a 5 because of how good the story flows.

“I have always loved you, Liv.”

 5/5 Fangs.

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