Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Learning to Live by R.D. Cole
Learning #1

Learning to Live

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

Trudy Love has a beautiful name but has not had a beautiful life. She has been in the foster care system until she turned 18. She moves in with her boyfriend who turns out to be a cousin of the devil and so are his junkie friends. Let's just say that she experiences horrible abuse.

At 19 she has moved away from all her recent horrible experiences and starts college. She gets a new roommate, Jasmine Coleman (Jazz) and meets her brother Jaxon. 

Jaxon Coleman's life changes when he meets Trudy. He falls for her almost from the moment he notices her.

They have an attraction that Trudy tries to avoid but Jax is persistent. (yes he goes by JAX- so I immediately loved him).

"I move so I’m less than an inch from her beautiful lips and whisper, “If you’ve already convinced yourself of reasons why you shouldn’t like me, then it’s only fair that I get to argue my reasons as to why you should.” I slowly put my lips on hers and feel, for the first time, that I’m where I belong."

Trudy has a hard time opening up to anybody. Even a hug can be overwhelming. She has had no love in her life until now. I can understand how hard her situation was. Little by little she will experience everything she has missed in her life and it is wonderful to read about it.

I love Jax's POV as well, he is such a guy.

There are sad parts in this book. You can feel the pain Trudy has gone through. She is stronger now than she was at 18. There is a huge reveal at the end.

Now, I'm eager to see where the next story is going. Thanks Kimmie for recommending the book!

"The right one is always worth the struggle."

4.5/5 Fangs

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