Sunday, September 22, 2013

Razer's Ride (The Last Riders #1) by Jamie Begley

Razer's Ride
Beth Cornett is part of a small town. She works helping as many people as she can around the community.  She also helps her sister Lily who is starting college and has issues due to her childhood.
Beth is a sweet innocent girl.  She goes to church every Sunday and is happy with her life for the most part.

"She is unbelievable,"Evie ranted to herself. "She remembers one fucking compliment I paid her nine months ago and she buys me one even prettier. What woman does that? We are jealous bitches."

A new motorcycle club has moved to her home town. They go by the name of The Last Riders.
Razer is part of the group and he sets his eyes on the young innocent girl but just after a few times with her, he is done with her.
This is where the story gets interesting.  The hero will realize his mistake and will try to get the girl back.
Now, if only Beth can live with his lifestyle.  This club is open in regards to their sex life.  Some of the girls (Stori, Evie, Bliss, Ember Jewell, Natasha) live there full time. None of the guys have just one girlfriend.  There is also the question of fidelity is you do become the special one.  At times this is too much for Beth.
Razer will learn that sometimes Beth can't forgive and a little groveling is in order.

"You are incapable of giving me the relationship I need to be happy, which involves trust, fidelity and love. Because eve if you swore to do all three, I would never ever believe in you again."

Beth was a truly amazing characters.  She was so sweet and selfless.
There is no cliffhanger.
Fang warning: The sex is not for the faint of the heart.  There are plenty steamy scenes.

I was gladly surprised by this book. Now I will need to know all the character's stories.  The one I want the most is Lily and Shade's.  I really can't wait for their story.  I also think even pastor Dean needs his own HEA.

4/5 Fangs

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