Monday, August 6, 2018

Switch and Bait by Ricki Schultz

Title: Switch and Bait 
Author: Ricki Schultz
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Release Date: June 12, 2018 

In this charming, sexy, and "laugh-out-loud" (USA Today) funny romantic comedy, an online dating ghostwriter's life gets hilariously complicated when she recognizes one of her clients' matches--her ex!--and finds herself forced to flirt with him again, on someone else's behalf...

We switch. I bait.

Let me help you snag a date.

All through college, Blanche Carter was known as the love doctor in her sorority. Now she's parlayed her talent into a unique consulting business: she runs the online dating profiles of Washington D.C.'s most eligible women.

Armed with a battalion of rules, Blanche expertly helps her clients optimize their profiles and ace that first date. But although she'll happily message handsome strangers (and fend off dick pics) for other ladies, Blanche's most important rule is the one she has for herself: no relationships. She's seen too much heartbreak to believe in real love anymore. 

When a former fling pops up among the matches for one of her favorite clients, Blanche gamely messages him on her behalf. Blanche is definitely over him, and this is how she'll prove it. But if she doesn't watch out, Blanche might end up not only screwing over a client--and possibly tanking her entire business--but breaking her rule about love as well . . . 

Ricki Schultz's trademark irreverent humor and wry insight into the absurdities of modern dating are both outrageously funny and genuinely moving in her unforgettable new novel.

I had some issues getting into the story. Surprisingly, I really liked the ending. 

Switch and Bait's protagonist is a young woman by the name of Blanche. She works in a bookstore but as a side job, she helps people find a good date in the world of online dating. 

She has become a success as a matchmaker ever since her earlier years at college. Now, she does it for a commission. She takes female clients only. As per the name of the novel, Blanche pretends to be the ladies and corresponds with the men they are matched with. She creates a good rapport with the men. She banters with them and she makes them like her. When it's time to meet them in person, the real client is the one who shows up for the date and the rest is history.

Her most recent client, Ansley has hired Blanche to help her. She's accident prone and every time she has tried to date, an accident occurs. Blanche is sure she can help her until the person's profile Ansley likes is none other than Henry. 

Blanche and Henry had one sexy encounter a few years back. Regrettably, their time together was cut short due to a miscommunication. Blanche has tried to avoid him as much as possible. They are two different but yet she can't seem to forget him. Maybe letting Ansley date him will be a good thing after all. Sadly, her heart doesn't agree with her decision. 

Fun and light is the best way for me to describe Switch and Bait. Like I said earlier, I really enjoyed the ending. Henry was swoony and I had no idea why Blanche took so long to take the plunge. 

Cliffhanger: No

3/5 Fangs

Thank you Grand Central Publishing for providing me with a review copy of Switch and Bait in exchange for an honest review.

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