Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Come Back to Me by Sharon Sala

Title: Come Back to Me 
Series: Blessings, Georgia #6
Author: Sharon Sala 
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Release Date: August 28, 2018

After a crime pitted their families against each other, high school sweethearts Phoebe Ritter and Aidan Payne were forced to say a tearful goodbye. Phoebe stayed behind in Blessings, Georgia, while Aidan and his father left town for good.

Twenty years later, after the death of his grandfather, Aidan comes home to Blessings--only to discover he has a nineteen-year-old son. Aidan is hurt, but thrilled to meet Lee. And as Aidan and Phoebe spend more time together, they realize their old feelings are as strong as ever. But with a complicated past riddled with drama and betrayal, can they truly forgive and forget?

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I was happy to take another mental road trip to Blessings, Georgia. A small town where everyone knows each other. 

This time, our newest couple is actually an old one. 

After a horrible fire, Aidan Payne and his father will be forced to leave Blessings when the town turns their back on the Payne family. Aidan not only loses his friends and home but he will lose the love of his life, Phoebe Ritter. She didn't trust him when he needed her the most. 

Phoebe lost her father during the same fire. A day later, she lost the love of Aidan by obeying her mother who blames Aidan's dad for the accident. It takes a few days for Phoebe to understand that she has made a mistake but when she goes back to tell Aidan she was wrong, he's packing the car to leave town. The last thing Phoebe does is to run behind his car and to scream for Aidan to come back for her. 

Fast forward years later and Aidan is going back to Blessings. His grandfather has died and he has inherited all his real-estate properties. Aidan has not been back since the fire. As he approaches Blessings, he admits to himself that he's not crazy about going back. Worse, he doesn't want to encounter Phoebe. He doesn't want to learn that she's now unavailable. Even after all these years, he has never forgotten her or been able to start a serious relationship with another woman. But Aidan is going to get the shock of his life. It turns out that when he left, Phoebe was pregnant with their son and now their son, Lee is a college student. 

I LOVED. LOVED. LOVED how the story unfolds. We get many points of views and each one helps the reader paint a better picture of what's really going on. For the most part, the people of Blessings are all helpful, compassionate and caring. They do like to meddle and gossip but what small town doesn't? 

Sharon Sala's books are always heartwarming and sweet. It's exactly what I need between my thrillers and suspense romance. 

Even though Come Back to Me is the sixth in the series, I believe you can read them as a standalone. 

Cliffhanger: No

4/5 Fangs

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