Friday, May 3, 2013

The Perfect Game (The Perfect Game #1) by J. Sterling

The Perfect Game
Cassie Andrews is joining her best friend at her college. That night they go to a frat party where she meets baseball star Jack Carter.
Jack is a playboy. He doesn't sleep with the same girl twice. When he meets Cassie he knows there is something different about her.
Cassie tries to avoid Jack for the longest time. But, in the end she can't fight the pull he has on her.
They become a couple and they both are trying to learn how to trust and open up.
When Jack needs to travel for baseball games, they try a long distance relationship. Jack however fails miserably.

There is a good ending but to my eyes Jack is not redeemable.(Why is every Jack hateful at times?-Avoiding  series Jack is an excellent example.)
3/5 Fangs

 (Spoiler Fangalert: I can't forgive a cheater)

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