Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dangerous to Know & Love by Jane Harvey-Berrick

Dangerous To Know & Love

Lisanne Maclaine is in college. She has promised her parents that she will take some business classes, even though, her interest lies in music. Her roommate is in the same class. When Tall, Dark and Dangerous (plus tattoos and piercings) enters the room and sits in the front of the class, she can't help stare at him for too long.

Danny Colton seems arrogant. He seems unapproachable. Has a tendency to start fights, has a short temper and can get any girl he wants.

When Lisanne and Danny have to share a project together, Lisanne can't help being upset. To her surprise Danny is very intelligent and funny. He also has a secret and pretty early on we get to know what it is.

Can I give this book a 6 star?

This was an awesome roller coaster experience. Danny was wonderfully written. Yes, he has a lot of anger in him, but he also has lost so much. To be able to pull yourself together the way he does, it's fascinating.

The change in POV's works for this book.

You get to fall in love with many characters. I like Lisanne's parents and even Zef.

Lisanne (baby doll/LA) and Danny were believable. Their connection, romance, passion is all perfectly done. After finishing the book the first thing I thought: Is there a book 2? Do we get to see more Zef, maybe in five years?

These characters invaded my mind and it's very hard to let go of Danny. This hasn't happened since I met Kellan Kyle a few months back, or Tack Allen a year ago.

He is top 5 book boyfriend for me. Well done Mrs Harvey-Berrick!

To Danny: I Hear You <3

5/5 Fangs

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