Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Biker Bodyguard by J.R Turner

J.R. Turner
Jess Owen was raised by her father. He is an ex-con who changed his path of disaster to keep his daughter.  He has stayed out of trouble for years. Jess didn't mind growing up in her dad's environment. She is a tattoo artist and enjoys it. She is very protective of her dad.
Mitch Connor is in private security. He has been hired by Jess's mom to protect Jess.  He shows up at Jess's doorstep,  at the beginning saying that he is one of her father's old friends. But when Jess's life is in danger, he decides that a change is in order. He takes Jess to see her mother who is in a coma in Los Angeles. He won't make a mistake this time.
Someone is after Jess. They want her dead and Mitch is the only one who can protect her in LA. Specially, when he starts falling for her.
I liked it. I like Jess. She is astute, funny at times. Mitch is all alpha.
3/5 Fangs

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