Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Searching for Moore (#1) by Julie A. Richman

Searching for Moore
Schooner Moore is attending his 43rd birthday party. Most  attendees are there just because this is the "it" party of the season. Schooner is unhappy with his marriage. While looking for some solitude an old classmate Beau approaches him and mentions a common friend from their college life, Mia Silver. Schooner's life tilts in that second. Mia is the love of his life. She is the one that got away. He knows his friend knows Mia through facebook.
Schooner can't wait any longer and sends a friend request.
Mia Silver is an independent woman who owns her own ad agency. She can't believe it when she gets a new friend request from Schooner. He is the man she loved many years ago.
After accepting, Schooner leaves everything behind for a second chance to happiness.
How can they be together. They live in two different cities. He has a family. They both have a business. Figuring it all out is what this relationship is all about. Not letting anyone come between them again is primordial.
Mia is an awesome character. I like the idea of fighting for your second chance at HEA.
I loved this book. Hate the cliffhanger. Did not read any reviews, didn't know there was one.
4/5 Fangs