Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thoughtless (Thoughtless #1) by S.C. Stephens

Thoughtless- what a wonderful book! If you haven't read it, you must.
Kiera Allen has left her home, following her boyfriend of two years, Denny, to Seattle. She is in love with Denny and doesn't see herself without him. They are going to be staying with Denny's friend, Kellan Kyle.
Kellan is a musician, he is the leader of a band called the D-bags. He is a very attractive man and when Kiera listens to him sing for the first time she feels a connection with him. But, Denny is her life.
Denny has started a new job and he is doing very well. Kiera on the other hand is starting school and finds a job at Pete's, the bar where the D-bags play. She meets all the guys from the band and make new friends.
Things get complicated when Denny is called away for work and leaves her alone. She is confused. She moved all the way to Seattle to be with him only to have him leave her behind. Her solitude doesn't last. Kellan becomes a part of her life. She spends her mornings drinking coffee with him, he drops her off and picks her up from school. New emotions arise in both of them. Kellan opens up to Kiera in a way he has never done before. He has been using sex to forget. He had a terrible childhood. When Kiera breaks up with Denny, she is devastated but Kellan is there to pick up the pieces. But Denny is not out of the picture, and when he returns, Kiera must choose.
So many good secondary characters. Denny -hot australian guy, who is sweet. Jenny -good friend. Anna- spicy sister. Griffin- such a D-bag but lovable character. Spoiler Fangalert-even when Kiera is in the hospital bed- he is copping a feel. LOL.
S.C. Stephens does an amazing job at describing their turmoil: how Kellan is so broken despite all the female attention. I felt so sad for him. It was gut wrenching seeing him so lost. There is a scene after the rain that brought tears to my eyes. I wanted to scream at Kiera, "PICK KELLAN!!".
4/5 Fangs

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