Sunday, March 10, 2013

Reckless (Thoughtless #3) by S.C. Stephens

Reckless is the last book in the Thoughtless series.
Kiera and Kellan are together. She has graduated and now she is free to follow Kellan on his next tour. 
The D-bags are getting national recognition and they have signed with a label. 
Kellan leaves to LA first. Kiera will follow him after she finishes her last few weeks at Pete's. 
The label has the idea to hide that Kellan is in a serious relationship or "married". There is the famous singer who gets to sing a duet with Kellan and the world suddenly has a new power couple. 
Kiera has a hard time adjusting to being Kellan's secret but she also appreciates her anonymity. She spends her time writing while listening to Kellan perform. 
Thinks become trickier when Kellan is forced to joined the tour with the famous artist. 
Tragedy also strikes.
This is the best book in the series. No worries, HEA is perfect.
There are so many things I can say about this book. Kiera has matured a lot. Kellan is still as sweet as he can be. Griffin and Anna deserved their own series. Griffin has some great insights and lines that are just too funny. Watching Kellan believe that he is loved and that his biological father is there for him is very touching.
5/5 Fangs- I will miss you guys.

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