Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Best Man (Blue Heron #1) by Kristan Higgins

The Best Man
Faith Holland has been away from home for three years.
She was very happy, had the perfect boyfriend, but on her wedding day, her fiancee decided to publicly come out of the closet.
Faith blamed Levi- her fiancee's best friend.
After three years she is worried about seeing Jeremy again. But she misses her family and friends.
Levi Cooper is the Police Chief now. The first time he sees Faith he gives her a speeding ticket. The second time, she is trying to escape seeing Jeremy for the first time since she has been back, but she gets stuck in a window.
At the beginning there is no lost love between them but once they realize they are neighbors and actually do enjoy spending time together, things changed.
As always Kristan Higgins' book have a dog, a small town feel, funny characters and a HEA.
4/5 Fangs

"She's not making babies with anyone but me"

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