Saturday, November 3, 2012

Death and the Girl Next Door (Darklight #1) by Darynda Jones

Lorelei McAlister is a high school student. She has two very good friends. They particularly have been nice to her this week. It it the anniversary of her parents disappearance  Lorelei can see visions. She sees a vision she can't understand when she touches a boy. She later sees the same boy at school.
She also notices another high school classmate following her around. His name is Cameron Lusk and he used to be close to her. Now, he is a loner. The two boys seem to hate each other and Lorelei seems to be in the middle.
Soon she discovers what both men are. Her life is all upside down.
I decided to read this YA book because of Miss Jones. I love her adult series. I like that there is NO LOVE TRIANGLE in this book. It made it easy to enjoy. There is a subplot with her secondary characters that keep you interested as well.
3/5 Fangs

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