Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Love On A Dime by Cara Lynn James

Lilly Westbrook has a secret.
She has been writing dime novels under the pen name Fannie Cole. This could destroyed her family who is part of the elite in Newport, RI in 1899.
Everything can be lost when a rival publishing company starts asking questions and will not stop until the true Fannie is revealed. Lilly is engaged to Harlan Santerre, the wealthy railroad heir, who can help her family maintain their status and will help her brother who is having marital problems as well.
But when Jackson Grail comes back into her life, the only man she has loved, who will she choose?
Can she hope for a second chance in love with Jack? How will she stop the catastrophe that is lurking?
This is a Christian literature. It was an easy read but sometimes Lilly's indecision became annoying.
2/5 Fangs

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