Monday, October 31, 2011

Archangel's Kiss by Nalini Singh

We start the second book a year after the first one finishes.

Elena Devereaux is now an angel. A newborn Angel who needs to learn to survive pretty fast since many people want her dead. She is adjusting to her new life and a new set of wings. She needs to learn to fight again and fly too.

A new danger has developed, the Archangel Lijuan has evolved and now she can raise the dead. She is throwing a ball in Beijing and has invited Elena and Raphael. They know this is a trap and Raphael is worried about the outcome.

New alliances develop and new enemies show their faces.

I enjoyed the interaction between Elena and the Seven. Her fighting scenes with them were probably my favorite.

Easy fast-paced read.

3.5/5 Fangs

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