Monday, August 13, 2012

Rock Chick Rescue (Rock Chick #2) by Kristen Ashley

Jet McAlister is 28 years of age. She should be enjoying life instead she is taking care of her mother Nancy, who had a stroke 8 months ago. Jet has been working two jobs. She works at Fortnum's bookstore, which is owned by Indy from RC book 1. Her second job is at Smithie's strip Club as a waitress. 
Her father left them when she was fourteen. She never really got over it. Jet's self-esteem is low. So when Eddie Chavez becomes interested in her, she doesn't really believe it. It starts at Indy's party, where she brings her chocolate caramel brownies and Tex , in his Tex way, tells her how great they are and she smiles, full on. Eddie loves her smile and he knows he wants her for himself. He starts his Eddie Torture, which means he keeps on trying to find time to touch or talk to her and comes to Fortnum all the time.
Things get a little crazy after her dad comes into town. He owes money to some long sharks. When Jet's life is in danger, Eddie enlists the help from the Justice League of Hot Guys to keep her safe.
This book has a lot of action, funny lines. My only complaint will be how long it takes Jet's self-esteem issues to disappear. 

Great secondary characters including Duke, Tex, Smithie, Daisy.
4/5 Fangs 

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