Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Long Shadows by David Baldacci
Amos Decker #7


Title: Long Shadows
Series:  Amos Decker #7
Author: David Baldacci
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Release Date: October 11, 2022

Memory man FBI agent, Amos Decker, returns in this action-packed thriller to investigate the mysterious and brutal murder of a federal judge and her bodyguard at her home in an exclusive, gated community in Florida.

Things are changing for Decker. He’s in crisis following the suicide of a close friend and receipt of a letter concerning a personal issue which could change his life forever. Together with the prospect of working with a new partner, Frederica White, Amos knows that this case will take all of his special skills to solve.

As darkness falls, evil comes to light . . .

Judge Julia Cummins seemingly had no enemies, and there was no forced entry to her property. Close friends and neighbours in the community apparently heard nothing, and Cummins’ distraught ex-husband, Barry, and teenage son, Tyler, both have strong alibis. Decker must first find the answer to why the judge felt the need for a bodyguard, and the meaning behind the strange calling card left by the killer.

Someone has decided it’s payback time.

I wasn't expecting a change!

Since I liked this series from the beginning, I don't read the blurbs anymore so I was shocked to see so many changes happening with this series. 

First Amos receives a call that leaves him disturbed and profoundly sad. Then I realized Boggart, his boss has retired and Alex Jamison is assigned to a different city and partner.  

What the heck is happening?

Yet, I shouldn't have worried. Baldacci knows what he is doing. 

Amos is given a new partner, Frederica White. She is short and a black woman. She is also a black belt in martial arts and she speaks her mind. I instantly liked her.

The case was a mystery too. A judge, Julia Cummins, and her bodyguard, Alan Draymont have been found murdered and the FBI sends Amos and Freddie to Florida to investigate.

Amos knows something doesn't add up. The judge was stabbed to death and the bodyguard was shot instead. Are there two killers?

Glad Amos was back and I'm glad Freddie is his new partner. Hopefully, we can see Amos becoming happier with his life and his abilities. 

Cliffhanger: No

4/5 Fangs

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