Thursday, June 25, 2020

Temptation Bay by Anna Sullivan

Title: Temptation Bay
Series: Windfall Island #1
Author: by Anna Sullivan
Publisher: Forever

Temptation Never Tasted So Sweet...
Maggie Solomon has always been one of Windfall Island's favorite daughters. A beautiful, passionate charter pilot who loves this remote Maine island, Maggie has never cared much for outsiders—until her latest passenger arouses the curiosity of the town . . . and something hot and irresistible in Maggie. With his long, lean looks and razor-sharp wit, the man is temptation itself.

Cop-turned-PI Dexter Keegan is on a covert mission to solve the case that will make his career: uncovering the identity of the Stanhope heir, kidnapped nearly a century ago. No one on this fiercely protective island can know what he's doing, not even the spirited, blue-eyed beauty who infuriates—and excites—Dex. As the desire between them ignites, Maggie becomes the key to the case . . . and the target of an unknown enemy. Now Dex will do anything to protect the woman he's come to love—even risk his own life.

I had this story on my NetGalley for a while. I decided it was time to read it. 

I thought the beginning of the story had an interesting setting. The prologue opens during the time of prohibition almost a century ago. A dark night, men transporting alcohol illegally, a ship, and a baby.

In the present, we meet the heroine of the story. Maggie Solomon. She is a charter pilot who's picking up her next client. She is flying him to Windfall Island, Maine. Maggie is great at her job and everyone knows it. She has loyal friends. She is treated like she was born on the island. She is part of the "team" and will keep as many secrets as she can.

Dexter Keegan is a PI. He used to be a cop but he decided to change his line of work. Recently, he has been offered a cold case that can make his career. Dex has been paid to discover the real events surrounding the kidnapping of one of the heirs of the Stanhope family. What he was not expecting was to be stonewall by the islanders. Everyone is tightlipped about it. 

Sparks fly between Maggie and Dex from the moment they meet. However, they have their own reasons to try to keep the attraction in check without putting their lives at risk. Dex believes someone might not be too happy if he is successful in finding the descendants of the heir living on the island.

I liked the story but didn't love it. Maggie was hard to like. She gave Dex such a hard time. Then, she gave me whiplash when she did a 180- degree change in regards to her feelings. On the other hand, Dex was easy to like although he behaved out of character in a certain situation. 

What I like the most about Temptation Bay was the mystery of the child's disappearance and who could be the actual descendant. I might read the next one. 

3/5 Fangs

Cliffhanger: No

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