Sunday, February 10, 2013

Beauty From Pain (Beauty #1) by Georgia Cates

Jack McLachlan is a multi millionaire wine magnate. He is leery of starting a formal relationship with any woman. He protects his privacy. And as one of the most sought Australian bachelors, he has a reason for it. He usually keeps a relationships for 3 weeks. No names, no attachments. He wants a new one and he is at a bar just looking for his next companion.
When Laurelyn Prescott gets invited to Australia by her best friend, she can think of a better idea. Someone recently broke her heart and she can't wait to move on. She is a musician but has left her career behind. For three months a change in venue will help her heal. She doesn't want companionship, but when she meets gorgeous Jack with a proposition she can't deny him.
Laurelyn is aware that at the end of the three months she will go back to the States and she can never contact him anymore.
The best part of the book is watching Laurelyn break every wall Jack has.
Yes, there is a cliffhanger ending but as I told a someone, I consider them chapters. Chapter Aussie done, Chapter Nashville to come.

Now, where is the movie??? Where is Ian and Nina??? (same with Dublin- needs to be a movie!)
This book surprise me. Happily surprised. The chemistry between the characters was awesome. I read it after I saw goodreads author Samantha Young gave it 5 star review. And since I love Dublin, I thought I will give Georgia Cates a chance.
Let's start with the cover. Very suggestive. Nice satin sheets. Nice wine acknowledgment.
Let's talk about Jack. At the beginning of the book, I thought it was going to be a Fifty type book. A multi millionaire man having a sexual contract. Further from the truth. Yes he has had multiple companions in the last few years, but there was nothing kinky about it.  And Jack has no problem holding, kissing, touching. He comes from a good family. He is only trying to protect his privacy.
Laurelyn is good heroine. She goes for what she wants. She also respects Jack and his decisions.
I can't wait for Laurelyn to be famous and sing the song she wrote for him and Jack able to listen to the lyrics. This side if Laurelyn remind me of Stella from the Rock Chick series by Kristen Ashley.

Spoiler Fangalert: Jack -it can't be hard to find her- you know her name, that she lives in Nashville, what she does for a living. You know her ex producer's name and who her dad is.....hurry up mate.

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