Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Worth The Fall by Mara Jacobs
The Worth #3

Allison Jukuri is the "smart one".

She has a successful career but lately, she has been overwhelmed with her family. Both parents have dementia, and taking care of both is taking its toll on her.

Her romantic relationships have never been satisfying except her first one.

Petey Ryan is a famous NHL player. He has been close to the three girls for years. But Lizzie and Katie don't know much about his relationship with Allison. Now, that Petey has decided to retire and is hurt, spending time with Allison may be what the doctor ordered.

Miscommunication has been the reason for so much pain and desolation for so long. But, once they start opening up to each other a future together can be accomplished.

I love that we can see the other characters coming back. We see how their relationships are blooming. Some funny parts too, like when Dario has to help Petey in the shower.

Of the first three, this is the one with a more serious undertone.

I want to read the fourth book now.

4/5 Fangs

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