Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison (The Hollows, #10)

Itchy Witch is back....

Book 10 starts after a few months of Rachel almost loosing her soul. She is wearing the bracelet Trent gave her to avoid Al and all demonic too. Unfortunately, this leaves her unprepared to defend herself. Her parents have hired Wayde as her bodyguard. Rachel doesn't think much of the Were at the beginning, but he is able to make her see somethings she is trying to avoid dealing with. Marshal makes a cameo in this book, I'm glad he is not a hater, but I'm also glad he is gone.

Trent is big in this book, they finally are able to communicate, to fight together, to accept each others magic. No jumping to the wrong conclusions on this one. I like that he has his cellphone connected to Rachel's bypassing all securities. The Ring is also something to think about. But I digress...

This book is about HAPA, humans who are trying to use demon magic against everything non human. They want extermination without thinking about the consequences. As always, Rachel believes this is her fault in some way and has to defend her race and all others.

My one complaint about this book, is the lack of Al. I missed him in this book. What a great character he is. I want him happy at the end of this series. I missed his British accent. He always make the pages fly by.

I know some of my friends are a little disappointed in this book but I can see the grounds forming for an epic finale. This was the calm before the storm (Although, Rachel still finds a way to get beat up).

Spoiler Fanglert:

There is no kissing in this book. I feel like Miss Harrison, is getting ready for a big ending.

3.5/5 Fangs

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