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Kill for Me, Kill for You by Steve Cavanagh

Title: ill for Me, Kill for You
Author: Steve Cavanagh
Publisher: Atria Books
Release Date: March 19, 2024

For fans of The Silent Patient and Gone Girl, a razor-sharp and Hitchcock-inspired psychological thriller about two ordinary women who make a dangerous pact to take revenge for each other after being pushed to the brink.

One dark evening on New York City’s Upper West Side, two strangers meet by chance. Over drinks, Amanda and Wendy realize they have much in common, especially loneliness and an intense desire for revenge against the men who destroyed their families. As they talk into the night, they come up with the perfect if you kill for me, I’ll kill for you.

In another part of the city, Ruth is home alone when the beautiful brownstone she shares with her husband, Scott, is invaded. She’s attacked by a man with piercing blue eyes, who disappears into the night. Will she ever be able to feel safe again while the blue-eyed stranger is out there?

Intricate, heart-racing, and from an author who “is the real deal” (Lee Child, #1 New York Times bestselling author), Kill for Me, Kill for You will keep you breathless until the final page.

I love Strangers on a Train so I knew this was one, I couldn't pass up.

Amanda is angry. She wants revenge. She lost her family and the man who is responsible is walking free while hers are all gone. The police can't do anything about it. The man is powerful and careful. A bad decision places her in a court-ordered therapy group.

Wendy lost her daughter to a predator. She stalks him and wants nothing more than to make the man disappear.

These two women meet in group therapy and they strike up a conversation and share drinks at a bar. They both wish the men who destroyed their lives to cease to exist. This is where an idea develops. What if Amanda kills Wendy's guy and Wendy kills Amanda's? Could they do it?

In between these chapters, we also learn about Ruth, a woman who was attacked at her home. The man who attacked her had intense blue eyes that she won't ever forget. How is Ruth intercepting Wendy and Amanda's lives?

A great thriller from the opening scene! I was riveted to the chapters and I couldn't wait to reach the ending. Did I guess the main twist? Oh yeah, and very early on. However, it didn't take away any of the enjoyment.

I do wish the author would decide to bring Detective Farrow again. He was so interesting!

Cliffhanger: No

4/5 Fangs

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